SAMPLE IDEA - Parametric Workflow for Feasibility Studies

CONCEPT DESCRIPTION [explain idea here]: 
Create a flexible, easy-to-adjust parametric building mass model that allows for rapid test fits and option generation for a selected site.

PROCESS [best guess at approach & steps]: 
- provided a property location, collect conditions such as lot size, zoning, code requirements, public right-of-ways, and various other constraints
- build parametric model in Dynamo that has outputs for: total area, number of levels, specific program mixture, floor-area-ratio (FAR), and other factors to evaluate the financial viability of pursuing the project
- use web and data visualization tools to generate dashboards for sharing information with project team and client

RESOURCES [tools, skills, or expertise required]: 
- how to source and gather site/property information
- knowledge of development projects / pro formas
- principles of parametricism
- Dynamo
- Revit
- data migration and visualization
- diagram and presentation creation

DELIVERABLES / PROOF OF CONCEPT [what the end product looks like]: 
- flexible, working Dynamo model
- Revit input and output
- data dashboard (PowerBI) 
- explanatory diagrams

GOALS [of both project & hackathon experience]: 
- develop a working concept
- learn about the commercial development and feasibility process
- understand the challenges of feasibility and overcome with technological means
- have each team member walk away from the experience with at least one new skill

NOTE - this was actually a real project I have working on in the past, read more about how it turned out here: